M2R for Rdio

Wirelessly transfer your iPhone music library and playlists to Rdio in seconds.

M2R : Music 2 Rdio will change the way to add music and playlists to Rdio.

4.5 stars on App Store

Now you can transfer your iPhone music and playlists to Rdio in seconds.

Tired of typing each song you have in your iTunes or iPhone music library to your Rdio music library? With M2R : Music 2 Rdio you can send your songs and create playlists directly into Rdio right from your device.

Only metadata is sent to Rdio. Actual music files are not transfered or copied.


M2R can transfer your song list in seconds by sending up to 10 song names per second!

5000 Songs!

M2R can transfer up to 5000 song names into Rdio per playlist.

Realtime Updates

Updates your Rdio* music library in real time.

iTunes Match Compatible

View and select songs from iTunes in the cloud with iTunes Match.

Elegant Interface

Simple menu design makes

Simple to Use

In 3 Clicks your music lists will me in your Rdio account.

What People Are Saying

“The iTunes Killer Is Here” The hours of time that I have saved is astounding!.

D. Reich

My 1st App loaded on my iPhone 5!With the wireless integration I can load my music anytime to Rdio.

M. Derrico

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